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Bogdanov, LLC - A Marketing and Design Agency based in St. Petersburg

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days where simply having your product featured on a billboard could lead to incredible sales. If you want to stand out in the digital age, you need a strategy that looks towards the future. Your average marketing agency may struggle to offer that, but BOGDANOV, LLC is different. Operating as a branding consultant and design agency in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company has a team of designers and image experts who can give your product just what it needs to take off.

BOGDANOV, LLC is truly a multi-media company. In addition to providing website development; web designer services; web developer services; and graphic designer services, the BOGDANOV team can also offer video production. The world has never been more visual, and producing video content can give you an enormous edge over your competitors. Why not enhance your premises with BOGANOV’s mural artist? You can create a truly beautiful and inspiring work environment with a modern, cutting edge design.

An enormous part of successful branding is having a memorable logo. The BOGDANOV team in St. Petersburg provides cutting-edge logo design, which is perfect for companies both new and old. Embracing these services might be all you need to do for your business to take off. The world is changing, and you need to change along with it if you want to succeed. Don’t hold back. Get in touch with BOGANOV, LLC today to discuss how we can help you and your business reach as many people as possible.




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  • St Petersburg Florida

    We are excited to be opening our new company headquarters in downtown St Petersburg, Florida inside the amazing One Building...

    We have chosen St Petersburg, Florida as our new family home and the headquarters for the entire BOGDANOV, LLC business line up. Our new studio will house The Bogdanov Agency along with our creative brands including Legend Ink, Bad Petrovich, Beyond The Flesh, Pyramid Castle and The Tattoo Hotel. We are currently building out our space from the ground up, starting with a dirt floor and designing our floor plan to our exacting needs. We just love to create our studios by hand with our style and touch on every aspect of the interior. It is for this reason we chose an empty shell inside a brand new building to start from scratch. We do hope you follow along as we build our future and bring St Petersburg, Florida the unique brand of design that only could come from the Bogdanov family.

  • Bad PetrovichArt on Water

    The Bogdanov family has brought the Bad Petrovich brand to Florida and our new studio will house our gallery of surfboards and other creations...

    Bad Petrovich is not your typical board sports company and our surf, skate and other board sports creations are like nothing else you have seen. We look forward to showing you our surfboard gallery as we aim to open up to the public by December 2020 in our new location in downtown St Petersburg, Florida. Our new gallery will house many of our custom shaped boards with fine art work by Peter and Isaiah Bogdanov. Both artists take on commissioned work and yes, you can shape and build your own creation hand in hand with our family of designers. Our boards are always built for high performance and are designed to go in the water, on the concrete and anywhere else board sports need to go. We don’t just make art boards, we make the baddest boards on the planet.

  • Legend InkTattoo Clinic

    The Bogdanov family brings you a studio rich in tattoo history with the hospitality we are famous for. A tattoo experience like no other.

    The Bogdanov family brings you a studio rich in tattoo history with the hospitality we are famous for. Peter, Donna and Isaiah Bogdanov invite you to a tattoo experience like no other. Join us inside Legend Ink, a studio dedicated to your skin perfection. At Legend Ink we pride ourselves on an advanced art education dedicating our lives to mastering drawing and illustration. Our studio has the very latest digital software and design tools to make rendering your dreams efficient and amazingly beautiful. We help you permanently decorate your skin with exquisite expressions of your unique personality.

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We are a family of artists with an advanced knowledge of design, software and branding. We are on the lookout for our next grand adventures.

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We are BOGDANOV. We are a marketing agency that helps small businesses through an advanced knowledge of advertising and data analytics. We make "big data" understandable and approachable to companies of all sizes. We are a full solution offering services such as graphic design, ad design, software, database programming, video production, XR and AR, illustration, direct mail, signs, social media marketing, SEO, PPC advertising and so much more.


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