Beyond The Flesh

Beyond The Flesh is a psychological sci-fi thriller based on the real life love story of the films creators. Art is our world. This is our story. This is a life lived, Beyond The Flesh.

Bad Petrovich

Peter Bogdanov brings his world class fine art into the world of surfing. All of our surfboards are high performance masterpieces.

Legend Ink

Legend Ink is our family tattoo studio hosting father and son artists Peter and Isaiah Bogdanov.

Peter Bogdanov

Tattooing has been a life long passion along side painting and murals.


I paint faster when I paint bigger. If you ask me the one thing I do as good or better than anyone ese on the planet, my answer will always be painting murals.

Fine Art

When it comes to painting I don't really go after what people want. I paint my own demons. I paint my own fears and my own dreams.

Isaiah Bogdanov

My fathers influence has clearly shaped my general style of painting and tattooing.

Pyramid Castle

We love to build and create. The Bogdanov family goes back several generations in the building and remodeling industries. We are experts at making properties magical places to dwell.