Peter Bogdanov
We chillin at the base, of a sleeping giant. Livin an island life, but we feeling defiant. Living legends, livin here in heaven. No average life, and no compliance. Extraordinary. Whip cream and da cherry. An epic story, ya we Legendary!
I would love to hear from you regarding my music.
I am currently looking to form another live band concentrating on a mix of heavy metal, hip hop, rap and rock styles in the Saint Petersburg area. If you are interested in a insanley creative project cmbining art and music much in the way Pink Floyd has done in the past, reach out now.
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The Music Archives
The following videos are from my previous albums including The House of Gods and Prophet Soul as well as singles from the past few years. Some of my music is preformned and recorded with my live bands and others are studio mixed and produced. Enjoy.
Archived Videos