Welcome to a next level tattoo studio.
A State of the art facility for creating world class art.

The Bogdanov family brings you a studio rich in tattoo history with the hospitality we are famous for. Peter, Donna, Natalia and Isaiah Bogdanov invite you to a tattoo experience like no other. Join us inside Legend Ink, a studio dedicated to your skin perfection.

Advanced Art

At Legend Ink we pride ourselves on an advanced art education dedicating our lives to mastering drawing and illustration.

Digital Tools

Our studio has the very latest digital software and design tools to make rendering your dreams efficient and amazingly beautiful.

A tattoo studio following the American Dream..

Welcome to the Bogdanov family tattoo studio, Legend Ink. We are eager to be your guide in the world of skin based art. Our family has over 30 combined years in the business of tattooing. We are capable masters of many styles. We help you permanently decorate your skin with exquisite expressions of your unique personality.

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The Master Artist
Peter Bogdanov

Always chasing my own legacy! I have been tattooing since 1993. I am dedicated to passion in everything I do. I design art on and off skin for broad range of customers. Let's design something amazing for your skin.

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The Prolific Son
Isaiah Bogdanov

Having grown up inside a tattoo studio his entire life, Isaiah was literally born to tattoo. In just five years he has tattooed well over 500 customers in a vast array of styles and techniques.

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We are at the dawn of an entire new generation of enhancement studios.

Never before have such grand masters participated in the art forms surrounding the enhancement and beautification of the human body. The ability to design the human body has reached an unprecedented level in our human history delivering beauty beyond words, as works of art on skin and body. At Legend Ink, we don't just want to tattoo, we want you to realize the full potential of your own personal legend. We are the most complete, modern day, human enhancement studio ever created. We are Legend Ink!

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