Inspiration in every thing that we do.

We are on a quest to touch society with grand gestures of art, design and development. We are the creators, orchestrating wonderful addictions. We are bold, beautiful, and unafraid to make change in the world.

Peter Bogdanov Creative Director
Orchestrating Wonderful Addictions
Iconic Creative Direction - Peter Bogdanov



We have a special talent for creating unique and powerful logos and identity packages for companies and individuals.



Our team has provided software and code development for some of the world's largest brands including the NBA, NBC, Hyatt, US Marines and Pepsi.



The first rule of advertising is to stand out in the crowd. Visionary imagination is our weapon and unique ability.

Our Clients Include
NBA Portland Trailblazers
US Postal Service
US Marines
Bang & Olufsen
Branding In Motion
More Than A Logo
Brand Management

Along side logo design service we provide Brand Identity development, management and consulting. We are prolific brand designers with over a quarter century in the business of branding. We offer logo design packages, brand development consulting and identity revamping for existing brands. Our style of design service is best served face to face.

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Unique Digital Experiences
Interactive Development

Our software and Internet development projects have enjoyed a world stage supporting some of the planets largest digital properties. At the same time, our approach of simple, humble code meant to be shared efficiently has provided a solid foundation for clients of all sizes. We most enjoy developing web properties with Internet based content management systems, games, mobile apps and point of sale systems. We love to talk about Internet and Software success stories.

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