Iconic Creative Direction - Peter Bogdanov



Peter Bogdanov has a special talent for creating unique and powerful logos and identity packages for companies and individuals.



Our team has provided software and code development for some of the world's largest brands including the NBA, NBC, Hyatt, US Marines and Pepsi.



The first rule of advertising is to stand out in the crowd. Visionary imagination is our weapon and unique ability inside the design world.

Our Clients Include
NBA Portland Trailblazers
US Postal Service
US Marines
Bang & Olufsen
Amplified Stories
The agency is a team of diehard interactive experts led by innovative creative director, Peter Bogdanov. We use innovative ideas & technology to tell amplified brand stories.
Branding In Motion
Logo & Brand Identity

Peter Bogdanov prides himself on being one of the best brand designers available in the world today. Our brand identity consulting is all about creating bonds between companies and customers. Watch the video showcasing projects from our full history.

Start Service
Internet Development

Our software clients have included the NBA, NBC, Hyatt, Pepsi, US Marines, US Post Office, Verizon, Sprint and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to name a few. When it comes to running a business, it doesn’t matter which app, search engine, directory, platform or social network you use. What matters is that they receive powerful information on every device.

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Video Production
5K Quality. Full Drone Fleet. 360 Video. VR. Directing. Editing. Post Production. Effects.

The agency approaches every project first as an interactive storyteller and cinematographer. We are huge camera nerds with the right equipment and tools all centered around telling your story like a boss.

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Virtual Reality
Place yourself into the future of interactivity.

We are obsessed with the future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development. We are betting our entire 25 year reputation on the future of mixed reality technology. If you are looking for a team that knows how to create what has yet to be seen, you came to the right place.

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