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High Performance
Art on the water!

Peter Bogdanov brings his world class fine art into the world of surfing. All of our surfboards are high performance masterpieces.


Bad Ass on Purpose
Concrete Planet

Bad Petrovich offers its art work on skateboards that stand out in the crowd. From our brand board to "The Cold Friend", our skateboards are bad ass.


Why Just Ride
When you can skim?

The newest line of board sports to hit the Bad Petrovich brand, our skimboards are made to be the coolest looking and highest performing.


Coming Soon
Pro Series

Our Pro Series Wake Boards will be hitting the water in 2019. These boards will be a limited series signed and numberd by artist Peter Bogdanov.


Coming Soon
Surfing Evolved

Bad Petrovich is working with our local shaper in Kauai to produce the latest entry in our board sports line up. Coming 2019.


Coming Soon
Elite Graphics

I always wanted to place my art and designs onto snow boards. In 2019 I will be releasing our first design in a high performance model.

Art on the water!
Peter Bogdanov is the man when it comes to building and painting a highly custom surfboard. My first one was off the hook. My second board gets more attention than I even want.
Rich Morales
Featured Builds

Take a look at four of our best surfboards on these custom beauties.

Kings Edition
Kings Edition
Pro Series - $1,250.00
First released as a limit edition that sold out, you can now grab one of our Pro Series Kings Edition at the new retail price of just $1,250.00
Kauai Sky Spirit
Kauai Sky Spirit
Custom Painted - $3,800
I have voted this to be my favorite board of all the boards I have painted. The art work is inspired by my time on the island of Kauai.
Alien Orchid
Alien Orchid
Custom Painted - $2,400.00
As a tattoo artist I get to tattoo orchids all the time. They are very unique to me in that they all look like little aliens. My take on this iconic flower.
Custom Painted - $2,200
Phillip is my take on a sea dragon. All seeing and all knowing. The Sea Dragon has already been tattooed by myself and my son. Buy the board that inspires people to get tattooed.
Featured Builds
The Terra Nova
Pro Series - $1,250.00
You can now grab one of our Pro Series Terra Nova boards at the new retail price of just $1,250.00
Kauai Sky Spirit
The Storm
Custom Painted - $3,200
The Storm is a painting done to honor our first respondors and those that run in while everyone else runs out. The art is a look at the storm of political unrest in our current times. In spite of all this, first responders still risk their lives everyday.
Black Swan
Black Swan
Custom Painted - SOLD
The Black Swan really pushed the bounderies of texture and imagination. I love the way the skull belly came out. This board sold as soon as it was done.
Blood In The Water
Custom Painted - $2,000
Blood in the Water is a concept painted for the love of fear. The shark attack without showing a shark attack.
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Art on the Water!
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