I am Peter Bogdanov

"I create because it is what I was born to do. I have a unique ability to read emotion and to fly forward boldly. To me art is the medium. Life is my canvas. Talent has no boundaries. Prolific and Gifted, I am an Artist with a capital "A." Vulnerable. Brave. Addicted to life. Here to inspire."


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Peter Bogdanov

I am known for out of this world creativity, logo and brand design expertise, interactive and software innovation as well as diverse knowledge inside video technologies. I am an artist above all else. My most unique ability is incubating and exploiting the best in myself as well as my team mates.

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I inspire like the notes from a choir. Live with your love and we all fly higher!
Peter Bogdanov



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Always chasing my own personal legacy
Passion in everything I do!

Thank you for visiting my site and getting to know the art and creative world of someone addicted to life. I am always looking for my next great adventure and project. Please reach out and let us create something amazing.